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How to remove redeye from a digital photo easily?

The best way and also the easiest way to remove red-eye from a photo is to use PhotoSurfer's "red-eye removal tool". Just follow the easy steps:
  1. View the photo in Full View
  2. Select the red eye region of the photo with the crop tool
  3. Select the 'Red Eye' icon in the main toolbar:        Remove Red Eye icon
  4. If you are satisfied with the redeye reduction results, select save:        Save after redeye reduction

It's not always possible to prevent unsightly red-eye when taking flash photos of people. The good news is that PhotoSurfer includes an easy to use redeye removal tool to remove and get rid of the red 'devil eyes' effect from your photographs.

Now you can click the 'fix red eye' button, instead of the 'delete' button.    :)

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".. and I have been able to fix a lot of my precious images using the red-eye removal tool"
"Red eye in my photos is now a non-issue thanks to the redeye removal tool."
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