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How to automatically fix orientation of photos, pictures and photograghs?

How you can rotate photos and pictures automatically

PhotoSurfer displays photos with the correct orientation automatically by default. However if your photos don't contain the necessary information to do rotate automatically, then you can easily fix or correct the orientation as described below.

Rotate Single Photos and Pictures
  1. Select the thumbnail or photo to rotate.
  2. Click the left (counter clockwise) or right rotate icon in the main toolbar:      Rotate Icon     (or press:   'L' or 'R')

Rotate Multiple Photos and Pictures
  1. Select the thumbnails to rotate for a single direction.
  2. Click either the left (rotate counter clockwise) or right (rotate clockwise) rotate icon in the main toolbar:  

    Rotate Icon  (or press:   'L' or 'R')

Photo Orientation Overview

Most new digital cameras store information about the photo in 'metadata' tags within each photo. One of these metatags contain the photo's orientation information.

PhotoSurfer uses this information to display your photos in the correct orientation. If your photos don't display with the correct orientation then it's likely the camera that took the photo doesn't store this type of data. How to see the photo's metadata:
  1. Select a photo (picture)
  2. Select the 'Info' icon in the main toolbar.  (left side of toolbar)            Info icon

So if your photos aren't displaying with the correct orientation then you can correct them by following the methods described above.

Note: Uploaded photos to Facebook or Flickr will display with the same orientation as seen in PhotoSurfer.

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