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How to lighten or brighten a dark photo, picture or photograph - fix exposure?

The best way and also the easiest way to fix the exposure of a digital photograph is to use PhotoSurfer's exposure slider to lighten or brighten dark photos.

Fix Exposure easily using PhotoSurfer's free photo software (freeware)

How to - brighten / lighten photos, pictures and photographs
  1. View photo in 'Full View'
  2. Select the 'Exposure Slider' icon on the bottom toolbar:        Exposure Slider
  3. Move the slider to brighten or darken your photo
  4. Select the 'Save' icon on the bottom toolbar:        Save Photo

You know those special moments that you try to capture on camera and ah... the flash doesn't go off. Well not 'all' is lost because with the exposure slider you can recover even the blackest of photos. It may never be an award winning photo but the moment won't be totally lost.      :)

An example of how you can save a photo:

Before                                                                        After
        Under exposed example                 Fixed exposer example

Exposure Slider

Addtional Photo Enhancement Options:

  1. View photo in 'Full View'
  2. Select the 'FX' icon on the bottom toolbar:        FX icon
  3. Select 'Enhance Image'
  4. Make your adjustments
  5. Select the 'Save' icon on the bottom toolbar:        Save Photo

    Enhance Controls:
  • Brightness
  • Color Balance
  • Lighten
  • Darken
  • Contrast
  • Gamma Correction
  • Saturation

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"I love that little exposure slider... it has saved many a picture."
"The exposer slider is the tool I use the most to fix my bad images. It's so easy and simple to use."
T Swinger
"I have been able to fix the brightness and lighten my over exposed photographs so quickly, what a great tool."
John's Outdoor Photographs
"Wow, even I figured out how to fix my bad pictures first try, brightened the dark ones with the handy exposure slide, and got rid of all the red eyes with one click ..."
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