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How do you 'batch' edit to change photo Meta Tags?

Batch Edit and change Photo Tags

(EXIF, IPTC, Photo Tags, Metadata, Meta Tags - found in photos, pictures and photographs)

How to - batch edit or change Meta Tags of multilple photos     (EXIF, IPTC, Metadata)
  1. Select the 'multiple' thumbnails you wish to bulk edit
  2. Select the 'Info' icon in the main toolbar:                   Meta Tag Info icon
  3. Edit the appropriate tags
  4. Select 'Save'
    Tip:    Keyboard shortcut to display Photo Info =   i

Note:   Click here to:    Batch Edit / Time Shift photo date and time Tags

Digital Photo Tags (EXIF, IPTC - Meta Data, Meta Tags) can be very useful when organizing and documenting your photographs. Meta tags are pieces of information that are stored in some types of digital photographs. The meta tags store information like the date and time the photo was taken, the camera settings, make and model.

In addition to the camera data, there are meta tags available to batch edit, add or change tags such as:  photo date and time (date taken), title, photographer, keywords, subject, copyrights, weblinks, comments, rating etc.

Photo Date - time shifting dates:   You can also time shift dates. Batch change or adjust multiple photo's date and time to add or subtract years, days, hours or minutes to correct photos that were time stamped by a camera that had the date and time set incorrectly.

Batch editing meta tags provides a fast way to add tag information to a group of photos.

As an example, if all the photos you are working on were taken by the same photographer, were all about the same subject and you wanted to add your copyright information to all of them, then this can be accomplished in one step.

Digital Picture Meta Tags - Batch Edit Editor dialog

Batch Edit Tags Dialog

Digital Photo Tags that can be added or changed using Batch Edit Editor

  1. Date Taken
    • Year
    • Month
    • Day
    • Hour
    • Minutes
  2. Title
  3. Subject
  4. Keywords
  6. Rating
  7. Camera
  8. Copyright
  9. Photographer
  10. WebLink

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