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Is PhotoSurfer's JPEG rotation considered Lossless Rotation?

PhotoSurfer's rotation is Lossless Rotation

Yes, PhotoSurfer's JPEG rotation features are 'lossless', whether you rotate left, right or use the automatic rotation options. Use it to automatically fix the orientation of your photos of course benefiting from the lossless rotation so your images will always be the best quality.

Lossless Rotation:

Lossless rotation is a method of rotating a JPEG photo without quality loss.

Lossless JPEG Rotation allows a JPEG image to be rotated in 90 degree increments without requiring re-compression, thereby avoiding loss due to re-compression. This is important when rotating digital photos that were taken in portrait orientation.

Fix Photo Orientation - Lossless Rotation

  1. Select the JPG thumbnail or photo to rotate
  2. Click the left or right rotate icon in the main toolbar:      Rotate Icon     (or press:   'L' or 'R')

Rotate Multiple Photos(lossless rotation)

  1. Select the JPEG thumbnails to rotate
  2. Click either the left or right rotate icon in the main toolbar:      Rotate Icon
  3. Review the Select Image Summary
  4. Select OK

How to select photo thumbnails
  • Select using the thumbnail check boxes or use your mouse to highlight
  • To select 'all' thumbnails, use the 'Select All' icon found on the bottom toolbar.      Select All icon

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