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How to Crop photos or pictures?

Cropping Images, Pictures and Photographs

Crop Photos - Free Hand
  1. Select the thumbnail or photo to crop
  2. View the selected photo in 'Full View'
  3. To activate the Free Hand Crop, left click the Photo
  4. You should now see the Zoom cursor:      Photo Editors Zoom Cursor
  5. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor to make your crop selection

Crop Photos - Fixed Aspect Ratio
  1. Select the thumbnails to rotate
  2. View the selected photo in 'Full View'
  3. Click the Crop icon in the main toolbar:      Photo Editing Crop Icon     (or press:  'C')
  4. Click the Drop Down selection on the crop toolbar:      Crop Selection
  5. Select the desired crop 'Aspect Ratio':                         Crop Selection List
    Tip:    The underlined characters are Keyboard Shortcuts

    How to 'resize' the crop area
  1. Using the left mouse button, drag one of the 8 corner or mid-section white dots:        Photo Viewers Resize Cursor

    How to 'move' the crop area
  1. Place the cursor on to outside crop outline until you see the 'Move' cursor':        Picture Viewers Move Cursor
  2. Using the left mouse button, drag the crop area to the desired position
                Image Viewers Cropped Photo

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