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What File Formats or File Types does our photo viewer open?

File Formats and File Extensions

PhotoSurfer's photo image viewer will view the following:
  1. JPG  -        Joint Photographic Experts Group   (JPEG)
  2. BMP  -       Windows Bitmap
  3. GIF  -         Graphics Interchange Format
  4. PNG  -        Portable Network Graphics
  5. ICO  -         Windows Icon
  6. TIF  -          Tagged Image File Format  (TIFF)    (view only)
  7. RAW  -       Raw binary data    (view only)

  • The RAW image format includes the following extensions: raf, crw, cr2, kdc, dcr, mrw, nef, orf, dng, ptx, pef, arw, srf, sr2, x3f, erf, mef, raw, r3d, fff
  • The JPG format includes:  JPEG
  • The TIF image format includes:   TIFF

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