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How do you 'Select' photos in PhotoSurfer?

Click a thumbnail to make it the 'Active' (selected) thumbnail. (red outline)

Example of a 'Active' thumbnail:
Active Photo

How to select 'Multiple' thumbnails:

Hold your 'Ctrl' key down and click each thumbnail you wish to select. Once clicked they will all have a 'blue' highlight. Example of Multiple Selection - thumbnails highlighted in blue:

Multiple photos selected

To 'Select All' or 'Un-Select All' thumbnails, click the 'Select All' icon found on the bottom toolbar.

Select All icon

There are multiple ways to select photos.

    Select by: 'Check Box'
  • Click- Click a thumb to hightlight
  • Space Bar - Check and Un-check (a thumb needs to be selected first)

    Select by: 'Highlighting'
  • Shift + (left arrow or right arrow) - Select multiple thumbs to the right or left
  • Shift + (page up or page down) - Select mulipile thumbs a page at a time up or down
  • Shift + End - Select multiple thumbs to the end of the list
  • Shift + Home - Select multiple thumbs to the beginning of the list
  • Ctrl + A - Select All, Un-select All

Click here for a complete list of:    Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can be very useful if you are doing a lot of repetitive actions. Whether it be navigating the pages, building photo lists, viewing tags, keywords, or rotating images, it just makes everything much easier and faster.

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