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Getting to know your PhotoSurfer

Initial Cataloging:    On first startup, after installation, PhotoSurfer automatically catalogues all photos and images found in your 'My Pictures' folder. Once the cataloging is completed, the 'Library' will contain all the photos PhotoSurfer found.

If all your photos aren't listed in the Library, change the display's ‘Timeframe’ by clicking the 'Timeframe Filter' selector found in the bottom left corner of the Library page. Timeframes are organized by the date the photos were taken.

Timeframe Filter selector

'Timeframe Filter'

If you have photos stored on your hard drive that are not in your 'My Pictures' folder, you can add those folders to PhotoSurfer from the 'Folders' page. See 'Adding Photos to PhotoSurfer' for more info.

Quick overview:

This is the 'Page Selector' located at the bottom of each page:

Page Selector

Library - Album - Folders - View List - Full View

What each page is for:
  • Library:    The 'Library' is a summary of all photos stored in your 'Favorite Folders' listed on the 'Folders' page. The 'Timeframe’ that is displayed in the Library, is controlled by the ‘Timeframe Selector’ found at the bottom left corner of the Library page.
  • Albums:    Creating albums enables you to create lists of photos 'grouped by topic' without physically duplicating the photos on your hard drive. Albums can be created very easily using the ‘Organizer’ simply by dragging and dropping. See the 'Organizer' for more information.
  • Folders:    At the top of the page is a list of the physical folders on your hard drive that contain photos and images. PhotoSurfer starts by listing only the folders found in your ‘My Pictures’ folder. You can add addition folders by clicking the ‘Add Folders’ icon found on the Folder’s page 'mid' toolbar. The folders listed here are called ‘Favorite Folders’.
  • The photo thumbnails displayed on the bottom section of the page are a summary of the photos contained in the selected folder in the top list

    If there are folders in the Folder List that you don’t want displayed here and in the Library, they can be ‘hidden’ by clicking its ‘hide’ check box, then click on the “Hide Now’ button at the top of the page. To review the folders that have been hidden, select 'Hidden Folders’ from the selection drop down list on the mid toolbar.
  • View List:    is a ‘temporary’ list of photos that have been selected to view in Full View. The View List also enables you to build custom lists of photos from different sources for view, edit, etc.
  • Full View:    is where selected photo thumbnails are displayed in full size. This is also where photos can be zoomed, edited and manipulated.

Toolbars:    Each page has one or more toolbars. Hover your mouse cursor over each icon in the toolbars to see the function of each.

Full View Toolbar

Top Menu:    Review the different selections found under each heading. You will find additional functions for Help, licensing, User Options and Preferences, maintenance etc.

Top Menu

Finding Help:    From ‘Help’ in the top menu select:

Help Menu

  • FAQ/Help:    Navigate through all the faq/help topics for a good overview of functions and features.

  • Search:    Use the search feature below to find answers and help for ‘specific’ topics

Search FAQs / Help:

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