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How to organize photos 'automatically' to Year / Month folders ?

What's the best way to organize photos?

The First Step:     

Sort by 'date taken' to Year / Month folders automatically

Automatically sort your photos by date taken (photo date) to 'year / month' folders. This is the best way to start the organization of your photo library.

If your photos have been taken using a digital camera, then each photo should contain an information 'tag' that contains the date each photo was taken.    (Date Taken)

By using this date, the AutoSort function can file each photo by the month and year it was taken.

A year/month folder structure creates a well organized photo filing system that will help you access your photos easily and find what you want much faster.

Sort by date structure

Resulting Folder Structure

This was created using PhotoSurfer's 'AutoSort' feature.

What about my existing folder organization?

If you already have photos grouped into miscellaneous folders, (e.g. a folder named: 'Holiday 2009') you can still maintain this organization by selecting the 'Add to an Album' option found during the AutoSort wizard process.

AutoSort will then sort that folder to the Year/Month folder structure, 'plus' create an Album named 'Holiday 2009'. (the album will contain all the photos from the original folder)

Don't worry, Albums don't create duplicate photos, they are 'virtual'.

Finding and deleting duplicate photos

AutoSort will also find and delete duplicate photos as part of the AutoSort process. (with your approval)

AutoSort Options:

How to sort Folders:
  1. Select:     Organize     (from the top Main Menu)
  2. Select:     Organize to Year/Month folders
  3. This will take you to the Folders page
  4. Check the check box beside each folder to AutoSort    Select checkbox
  5. Select:     AutoSort    AutoSort button

How to sort 'selected' photos:
  1. Select the photos to AutoSort
  2. Select 'AutoSort' from the Main Menu under 'Organize'.     (or right click menu)
  3. (If you didn't select the photos from the 'Folders' page then PhotoSurfer will take you there first)
  4. Select:     AutoSort 'selected' photos or folders
  5. Select:     Next
  6. Select whether you want to create an Album from the existing folder or selected photos
  7. Select:     File Now

Next step to getting your photos organized:     Create Albums by topic using the Organizer.

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