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How to automatically find and delete duplicate photos?

There are a number of easy ways for automatically find, remove or delete duplicate photo files, pictures and images.


The best way and also the easiest way to automatically delete or remove duplicate photos is to use PhotoSurfer's "AutoSort" feature.

Use the AutoSort to automatically find and delete duplicate photo files. AutoSort can automatically sort your photos into a year/month folder structure by the date the photos were taken. During this automatic process any duplicate photos will be identified and deleted automatically or optionally.

  1. Select:       AutoSort   (top Menu under Organize)
  2. Follow the AutoSort Wizard steps


The easiest way to manually find and identify duplicate photos is to switch to 'Detail View' and click on the column headings to sort the files by: file name, file size, file type, date taken etc.
  1. Change the Selective Loading to 'All'       (bottom left corner)                                                   Selective Loading icon
  2. Click the 'Change View' icon in the bottom toolbar which will switch the view to 'Details' view.        Details View
  3. Wait for View list to completely to populate.
  4. Sort the list by clicking on the column headings and look for items such as duplicate names files, file size etc to help identify the duplicates.

Deleting or removing unnecessary duplicates can save a lot of confusion, frustration, wasted disk space and most of all, give you piece of mind.     :)

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