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How do you use the Organizer ?

The best way and easiest way to organize your photo, pictures and photographs

What is it ?

The Organizer is an easy to use tool to:
  1. Create Photo Albums
  2. Copy or Move photos from one folder to another
  3. Copy photos one album to another
  4. Becomes a side by side Viewer for 'comparative' views

Where is it ?

Open the Organizer by clicking the 'Organizer' button.    (top right corner)    Open the Organizer 

The Organizer displays on all pages when it's open. However the operations, selections and view are unique to each page.

To Close, click the Organizer button again.    (or click the 'X' - bottom right corner)      Close the Organizer     

                                           Organizer Interface     Organizer Interface
Points to know:
  1. Click 'Open' to display the Album or Folder thumbnails    Open Folder or Album 
  2. You can't change 'tabs' if a Folder or Album is open. Close it first
  3. Albums: The first Thumbnail inserted into the Album becomes the Album cover icon.
  4. Albums: The first Thumbnail inserted into the Album becomes the Album cover icon.
  5. Right Click an Album or Folder, and select 'Setup' to change the name or cover icon
  6. Remember, there is a 'Right Click" additional options menu available in most places

How to copy or move photos to the Organizer:
  1. Open the Organizer
  2. Select the thumbnail with your mouse and 'drag and drop' it to the desired Album or Folder in the Organizer.
    Drag and Drop:    Click the desired photo by holding down the left mouse button, then 'drag' the photo to the desired location and 'drop' (release) the mouse button.

  • Folders:   Select 'Copy' or 'Move' before you drag and drop.     Copy Icon     move Icon
  • You can drag and drop multiple photo or thumbnails.

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