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How to organize photos into photo albums ?

What's the best way to organize photos into photo albums?

Albums enable you to organize your photos by topic without having to duplicate them. Albums are like 'virtual' folders. You can create an Album following the following method:
  1. Click the 'Organizer' button at the top of any page.     Organizer buton
  2. Click the 'Albums' tab at the top of the Organizer interface:     Organizer Interface
  3. Click the 'Add a new Album' button:     Add a new Album button
  4. 'Name' your Album.
  5. Drag a photo or thumbnail from the left side over to the desired album on the right side.

Album Notes:
  • The first photo placed in the Album will automatically become the Albums cover icon. How to change the Album's Cover photo.
  • To open and Album, click the 'Open' button.      Open button
  • To close an Album, click the 'X' - bottom right corner.     Close the Organizer
  • To close the Organizer, click the 'X' or the Organizer button again.     Close the Organizer
  • Select the thumbnail or photo to rotate.

How to 'Drag' a photo.      (Drag and Drop)
  1. Put your cursor over the desired photo
  2. Hold down the left mouse button
  3. Drag the photo over to the desired Album
  4. Drop (release) the mouse button

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