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What is the best way and easiest way to print my digital camera photos and pictures?

Our free photo printing software for digital camera photos is also included in PhotoSurfer's 'FREE' version (freeware)

How to - print digital photographs easily and in multiple formats:

  1. Select:     the pictures you want to print
  2. Click:     the 'print' icon on the main toolbar      Print Photos Icon
  3. Select:     the desired print options       Print dialog
  4. Select:     Print

Photo Print Layouts and Formats to choose from:
  1. Actual Image Size
  2. Full Page
  3. Contact Sheet
  4. 4x10 inch
  5. 5x7 inch
  6. 4x6 inch - Cutout
  7. 4x6 inch - Album
  8. 3.5x5 inch
  9. Wallet Size

Print Options to choose from:
  1. Print Preview
  2. Number of times to print each photo
  3. Crop automatically to fit paper
  4. Cutout guides
  5. Page select

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