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How to open all picture and photo attachments in an Outlook email at once?

Photo Attachments in Outlook Email

How to - open all or multiple photo attachments in an Outlook email together at once.

Step 1:
    In Outlook

  1. Right click the list of attachments
  2. Select 'Select All'
  3. Right click the list of attachments again
  4. Select Copy      (this copies the photos to the clipboard)

Step 2:
    In PhotoSurfer

  1. Go to the 'View List' page
  2. Right click the center of page
  3. Select 'Paste from Clipboard'

Being able to open 'all' photos from Outlook email attachments all together at once is a real time saver. Make sure you tell your friends about PhotoSurfer so they also can send and receive photos with ease.

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"Hey... Microsoft Outlook users, PhotoSurfer is a great tool for opening multiple photo email attachments. All my relatives are now using it, so it's made photo sharing so much easier"
I like the way Microsoft Outlook's attachments are automatically saved to PhotoSurfer when opened. This way I don't loose photos because I forgot to save them.
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My wife and I do photo sharing a lot with family members abroad. Sharing our 'precious images' with them couldn't be easier
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