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What is the best way to send multiple photos by email?

Send email to share multiple photos, pictures and photographs.

send via email

How to send a lot of photos by email and to share 'many' photographs or pictures at once.

Use our 'FREE' Photo Viewer and Picture Editor (freeware) to email multiple photos and pictures. It's the best way, fastest way and also the easiest way to email a lot of photographs at once.

PhotoSurfer enables you to very simply:
  • Select the photos to send easily
  • Maximize the number of pictures per email
  • Automatically resize photos to fit the recipients screen
  • Automatically correct photo orientation
  • Send lots of photos by email at one time
  • Send complete folders or albums at one time
You should be able to send a lot of photos, 50+ photos per email (high quality) at the default settings.

Best Way To Email Photos

    How to email photos
  1. Select the photos you want to email
  2. Click the 'Email' icon on the main toolbar:         Email Photos Icon
  3. Review the 'Selected Image Summary'         (if more than 1 photo was selected)
  4. Select 'Send Email Options' if required         (see Notes below)
  5. Select 'Next'
  6. Select option:   'Send email using':         (local email client or Webmail)
  7. Send Using Dialog

    How to email a complete Album
  1. Go to the 'Albums' page
  2. Select the Album(s) you want to email
  3. Click the 'Email Album' icon on the 'mid-toolbar':         Email Albums Icon
  4. Go to number 4 above

    How to email a complete Folder
  1. Go to the 'Folders' page
  2. Select the Folder(s) you want to email
  3. Click the 'Email Folder' icon on the 'mid-toolbar':         Email Folders Icon
  4. Go to number 4 above

Notes about emailing photos:
  • Using the 'default send' options you should be able to send 40-50 photographs. However there's no guarantee about just how many as it also depends on the restrictions of the receiver's Internet Provider. (ISP)
  • If you want to increase the quality of the photos being sent, try setting the quality options to 60%. You should be able to send around 25-30 photos without a problem. Best thing is to experiment a bit.
  • If you want to send a copy of the original photo, select 'Send Originals'. You should be able to send 2-5 images without a problem.

Default - Email Sending Options

Default Email Options

Set - Quality Options

Quality Email Options

Resize Options

Resize Email Options

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