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What is the fastest way to upload pictures to Flickr?

Upload to Flickr faster.    Use PhotoSurfer's free 'Flickr Uploader' to share photos, images and pictures online.

The best way and the fastest way to upload to Flickr faster is to use PhotoSurfer's Flickr Uploader, a 'FREE' Photo Viewer and Picture Editor (freeware) to share photos and pictures with friends and family.

How to - upload photographs to Flickr faster

The advantage of using the PhotoSurfer's Flicker Uploader to upload photos to Flicker:
  • It's FREE
  • It's the quickest way
  • Tweak your photos in PhotoSurfer, it's much faster
  • Save bandwidth which enables you to upload a lot more pics
  • Save time uploading
  • Make changes to your photos only once

  • You can do all the tweaking of your photos such as resizing, adding tags, fix orientation, fixing exposures etc before you upload to Flicker because doing this type of work on a local desktop application is MUCH faster.

    Plus you don't need to make the same changes both on your local machine and on Flickr.

PhotoSurfer - the best Flickr uploader

  1. Select the photos you want to upload.
  2. You can upload a complete folder, a complete album, or select any number of individual photos.
  3. Click the 'Upload' icon on the main toolbar:         Upload to Flickr Icon
  4. Review the Selection Summary.
  5. Choose to send the 'Original Size' or 'Reduced Size' of the photos.
  6. You can click on 'Options' to change the 'size' and 'quality' of the photos being uploaded.
  7. Choose the Flickr options.
  8. Check the status at the end of the upload to make sure that all photos were uploaded.

PhotoSurfer - faster uploading to Flickr

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"PhotoSurfer saves me a lot of time and aggravation uploading my photos to Flickr.
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"Resizing my photos before uploading to Flickr is a huge time and bandwidth safer.
"Using PhotoSurfer to pick the photos to upload to Flickr makes it a lot easier and faster."
"I use PhotoSurfer to 'prepare' my photos before uploading. It's much fast then trying to do it online."
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