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How to create photo slideshows and view them in the Photo Slideshow Viewer?

PhotoSurfer's photo slideshow viewer is the best and easiest way to view your photos.

How to - create a photo slideshow
  1. Select any thumbnail list you wish to view in a slideshow.
  2. Select the 'Slideshow' icon in the main toolbar.        Slideshow Icon

  3. A Slideshow can be run from any of the following thumbnail lists:
    •    Library
    •    Albums
    •    Folders
    •    View List

      S      =     Shortcut key to activate slideshow
      -       =     Speed up slideshow
      +      =     Slow down slideshow

    There are other Slideshow options in User Preferences.   (located in main menu)

    Custom Slideshows can be easily created by:
    • Creating a custom album using 'drag and drop' from any thumbnail list.
    • Creating a custom 'View List'

The easiest way to create a 'custom' slideshow is to first build an Album of the photos, pictures or images that you want to see in your slideshow. This way enables you to save the album so you will be able to play the slideshow any time.

While PhotoSurfer is the perfect photo slideshow software and slideshow maker it has be designed to make seeing your photographs in a desktop slideshow flexible and easy.

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