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How to sort photos by Metadata to change the viewing order?

Sort the viewing order of your photographs by groups instantly.

    Sort Options:
    • Date Taken               (date the photo was taken)
    • Date Modified           (date the photo was last modified)
    • File Name
    • File Size                    (physical size on hard drive)
    • File Type                  (jpg, tiff, png, bmp, etc)
    • Image Height
    • Image Width
    • Image Orientation    (normal, 90 clockwise, 90 counter clockwise)
    • Camera Model          (camera make and model)
    • Photographer
    • Subject
    • Title
    • Keywords
    • WebLinks
    • Rating
    • Checked Items         (thumbnails that have been checked off)

  1. Select the thumbnail page you wish to sort
  2. Select 'Sort' from the top main menu 

       Set Metadata Sort Order

  3. Select the sort order type

Note:     The view order of each PhotoSurfer page can be set uniquely. ('Full View's' viewing order is set by the order of the 'View List')

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