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Are the picture thumbnails full quality?

PhotoSurfer allows full quality thumbnail viewing

'Double click' the thumbnail and it will open full view size in the 'Full View' page.

Thumbnails are great for a quick overview of your photos. PhotoSurfer makes sure that your thumbnails are always clear, at maximum quality and the size can be adjusted easily to suite your current needs. This enables you to truly 'surf' your photos.

Tip:    If you would like to view a batch of photos without any delay in loading...try this.

  1. Load the photos into PhotoSurfer's temporary 'View List' to view
  2. Set the thumbnail size to display 1 or 2 thumbs across.                    Change thumb size icon
  3. Let the thumbs load
  4. You will now be able to 'surf' the photos VERY fast. (as fast as you can scroll)

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