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We are proud and excited to announce the release of PhotoSurfer the Family Photo Viewer. PhotoSurfer was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of families with a digital camera. The design focus was ease of use and simplicity, but still providing the depth of features needed to keep your thousands of photos organized and quickly accessible.

Release History :

August 25/11:   Version 2 was released.

January 25/10:
   We have added many new features and are continually tweaking to make PhotoSurfer better. The PhotoSurfer user base is growing quickly, so thank you for the support.

September 5/09:   We have added Facebook 'Photo Uploads' to PhotoSurfer.

July 23/09:   We have added 'Photo Uploads' to PhotoSurfer. You are now able to upload to Flickr to share your photos online. We will be adding the ability to upload to Facebook shortly.

June 1/09:   The 'Release Candidate' is available for download. We are making some last tweaks to features and some minor bugs. Enjoy the view....

September 3/08:   We are on the home stretch.... We were delayed by some technical challenges implementing some last minute features. They are now completed. Some final 'tweaking' and we will be ready.

May 13/08:   We are about to make our first release after beta testing.

Current Version

November 30, 2011

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"Finally a smart photo viewer, high resolution thumbnails let you see what you really have, loads fast with easy sorting ... thank you."
"I have had the opportunity to be one of the beta testers, this is a great feature rich but 'practical' photo viewer software.
You will love it"
"Lots of great features"


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